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GALAXY CHOCOLATE CHOOSE PLEASURE | director: Dean Moore | producer: Sunny Dimitriadou, Flare Studio
REEBOK PAIN IS TEMPORARY | director: Chris Fowles | producer: Freya Blom, MWP
NIKE x MANCHESTER CITY | director: Bafic | producer: Maurizio Von Trapp, Pulse Films
THE STATEMENT | director: Will Reid | producer: Poppy Ashton, Basement Approved
THE UNIFORM | director: Will Reid | producer: Poppy Ashton, Basement Approved
NORTH FACE x SUPREME ARCHIVE | director: Will Reid | producer: Milo Black, Basement Approved

JOE HERTZ Goodbye Kisses | director: Will Reid, producer: Poppy Ashton, Juicebox
AMBER SIMONE Taught Me Better | director: Will Reid, producer: Poppy Ashton, The Basement
JAIN x EMPORIO ARMANI Heads Up – Live  | director: Jack Sutcliffe | producer: Jordan Rossi, Hunger TV
SAN BLAS Kiss From Argentina | director: Ben Cohen | producer: Anna Saffery, Zoya Films
GET INUIT All My Friends | director: Dylan Holmes Williams | producer: Ty Hack, Zoya Films
THE MAGIC GANG All This Way | directors: The Marshall Darlings | producer: Dan Kendall

SAMSUNG WHITE HAT HACKERS (doc) | directors: Emma Nichols & David Abramsky | producer: Carla de Nicola, The Telegraph
ALL THE WORLDS A STAGE (short) | director: Florence Kosky | producer: Matt Cook, Fablemaze
THE OTHERWORLD (short) | director: Florence Kosky | producer: Gillian Fribbance, Waddon Productions
MISS J (short) | director: Amani Zardoe | producer: Kristina Epenetos, HeavyWait
THE THIRD LOVE (short) | director: Billy Boyd Cape | producer: Nicholas White

Companies & Brands

Nike, Dazed, Pulse Films, Samsung, Reebok, British Airways, The Telegraph, Hunger Magazine


NYC based cinematographer
Trained in the UK